A Seeker can choose one of the two feasible options below depending on how many tasks they see themselves posting each month.

  • $5.00/month which is billed annually
  • Pay-per-task at $3.00 per task completed


TaskBee has a tier-based commission system in place for its Taskers. The percentage is taken from the amount a Tasker earns on each completed task.

  • $12.5% (tier three)
  • 8.5% (tier two)
  • 5% (tier one)

How it works:

In Tier Three, a Tasker must complete 96 tasks in a calendar year to move down to Tier Two. This amounts to 2 tasks a week.

In Tier Two, a Tasker must complete 144 tasks in a calendar year to move down to Tier One. This amounts to 3 tasks a week.

In Tier One, a Tasker must maintain 108 tasks in a calendar year (roughly 9 tasks a month)to stay at this base rate.



The first 100 signups on an annual subscription receive a $25 credit and a three-month free trial period


The first 300 signups get a free three-month trial period. No commission will be charged on any of the tasks you complete in your three-month; everything you earn, you keep!