How do I know the platform is safe?

We use a two-way rating and review system, and trust that our users will use their best judgement when deciding to task for someone or assign their task to someone. In future, users will have the option to background check, giving them a verified badge on their profile.


Do I need bring/provide tools and equipment?

It depends on the posting; when a Seeker posts a task, there is a box to provide additional details. Here, they can tell a Tasker whether they have equipment for the Tasker to use to complete the task or, if the Seeker expects them to come with the tools necessary to get the task done.


How far in advance will tasks be available?

Currently, the platform is set up to have listings posted for a week at a time. This ensures tasks getting completed on semi-short notice. See our Coming Soon page to learn more about how this will be made to function more efficiently.


How do I get paid/pay a Tasker?

As a Seeker, payments get processed securely through the platform to ensure a hassle-free way of paying your Tasker. Upon task completion you will be directed to our payment portal.

As a Tasker, you will see all your earnings right away in your virtual wallet. Every Monday, you will receive a direct deposit to the bank account you linked to your TaskBee profile.


Will I be given a T4?

No. As outlined in our Terms, a Tasker is a self-contractor. Because you are not an employee of TaskBee, you will not receive a T4 and will be responsible for reporting your earnings when doing your taxes.


How do I contact my Tasker/Seeker?

Each user has an inbox where they can receive messages. Once Taskers have applied to a Task Posting, a Seeker is able to contact their applicants. Once a task has been assigned, both users are able to communicate with each other through the messaging portal.


How do I cancel or reschedule a task?

When a Tasker has accepted atask, they are obligated to show up and complete that task. Not showing up will result in a poor review; multiple poor reviews will result in a Tasker being removed from the platform.

A Seeker can cancel their task by informing their Tasker via the messaging portal and then deleting that task.

Users cannot, currently, reschedule a task; the task would need to be reposted. We are working on adding features to our platform; see our Coming Soon page to learn more


Can a Seeker add more tasks while the Tasker is already on-site?

No, but this feature will be added. Visit our Coming Soon page to learn more.


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