Please bear with us. TaskBee has a lot in store for you! As a startup, features will be rolled out in phases. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.

Task It Forward, Task for Funds and Task & Travel will be implemented soon. Visit our Initiatives page to learn more.

Currently tasks are posted for a week, being outsourced with a date/time option. The platform will have a “same-day” feature soon. Users will also be able to reschedule without having to post again. In addition, we plan to implement “Additional Services” where Seekers have the option to tip, pay out a pick-up receipt or add additional tasks while they have a Tasker handy.

More task categories for personal errand running will be added. Some errands are currently not offered due to their being no Payment Card in place for a Tasker to pick up items that are not yet paid for, such as groceries, dry-cleaning etc.

A freelancer portal specifically for students is on the way!

A small business directory supporting the community and making it easier to find local, ethically sourced options to make purchases from is also on the way!